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SHIB Beta Launch Hits Metaverse: Crypto Influencers Face Lawsuit

• SHIB recently faced issues due to the controversy surrounding the Shibarium code, but its beta launch is hitting the metaverse this week.
• Famous YouTube influencer, Shytoshi Kusuma, shared his skepticism of SHIB causing the lead developer to call him out.
• A lawsuit is being brought against crypto influencers for allegedly promoting failed projects, including BitBoy and others.

SHIB’s Beta Launch

The popular meme coin SHIB recently faced issues due to the controversy surrounding the Shibarium code. But the latest on the layer 2 network is that its beta launch will hit the metaverse this week. The anticipation within the community continues to grow as users are eager to see what will happen with this project.

Shytoshi Kusuma’s Skepticism

Famous YouTube influencer Shytoshi Kusuma recently shared his skepticism of SHIB which caused a response from lead developer. In a tweet, he called out BitBoy and requested that he stops fudding instead of getting involved in a “real beef”. Some users responded to Kusuma’s post urging him fix problems instead of fighting with each other over it.

Lawsuit Against Crypto Influencers

A recent lawsuit alleges that crypto influencers such as BitBoy, Kevin Paffrath and Erika Kullbergm have deceived investors into spending money on FTX. This case follows in line with other lawsuits against popular influencers who made money promoting failed crypto projects. BitBoy responded by stating that he was excited about this legal battle as it gives him an opportunity to countersue plaintiffs and their lawyers to prove his non-involvement in FTX.

BitBoy Claims Founder Has Links To SBF

Bitboy also claimed that he would expose Shiba Inu’s principal founder after Rancune (@Rancune_eth) tweeted claiming that Shibarium was a ripped chain from Rinia and developers forgot to change the chain ID . Kusuma responded by accusing Bitboy of having real beef with someone else instead of Shiba Inu, leading some users to urge them both to focus on fixing problems rather than arguing about it .

Price Of SHIBUSDt On Tradingview

The price of SHIBUSDT registered a 3% gain on Tradingview despite all these developments happening around it . This suggests that while some people remain skeptical about SHIB , there is still hope for those who have invested their time and money into it .