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Litecoin Network Upgrade Spurs Hashrate Increase

• Litecoin recently released a network upgrade to improve its security and address critical issues.
• The upgrade encouraged miners to join the network, resulting in an increase in hashrate.
• The coin’s recent price drop has caused some investors to lose interest, indicating bearish movement in the market.

Litecoin Network Upgrade

The Litecoin Foundation recently announced a network upgrade called Litecoin Core on March 2nd with the aim of improving its security and fixing any critical issues that affect nodes. This upgrade was intended to make the network more efficient and meet the needs of users better by resolving any problems that impede seamless transactions.

Price Spike And Upgrade Encouraged Miners

The price of Litecoin (LTC) rose steadily from January 1st until February 3rd when it hit $101 before trading between $80 – $100 on some days until March 3rd when it was valued at $89 at press time. This surge in value encouraged more miners to join the network, as indicated by a slight uptick in hashrate according to Coinwarz’s data which showed new miners rushing in.

Miners May Lose Interest Following Price Drop

However, LTC experienced a 7% price drop within 24 hours, causing some investors to become wary and leading to bearish movements being seen on its daily chart with RSI headed below the neutral mark and downtick on Chaikin Money Flow (CMF). Additionally, the price of LTC touched the lower part of Bollinger Bands which is an indication of high volatility while MACD also shows a bearish move in the LTC market suggesting more bear runs are likely over coming days.

Impact Of Price Drop On Miners

It remains unclear how this dip will affect miners’ interest as they may be discouraged from joining if they anticipate further losses due to their investments not yielding satisfactory returns or profits due their efforts not being rewarded enough given current market conditions or vice versa depending on various factors such as difficulty levels etcetera related to mining processes itself.


In conclusion, while Litecoin Core update has been successful in encouraging miners into joining its network, recent price drops have raised questions regarding whether these same people will remain invested given current market conditions and what impact this could have on future growth prospects for crypto space overall considering importance of miner participation for blockchain networks health status maintenance long-term basis .