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Hackers demand for Monero after Seizing Donald Trump’s Campaign Website

Hackers were able to gain access into US the presidential campaign site and put up a crypto-scam campaign. According to reports from Forbes the attack happened just after 4 pm Pacific time. The hackers probably gained an access point to the website’s backend site to take control of the site. Once they had gained control, they put up an update on the page about it, under the image of an FBI parody image, claiming.

“This website has been taken by the FBI”. The world is tired of fake news spewed every day by Donald J. Trump. ”.”it is the time for the world to learn what is real.”

They claimed that they obtained secure data that showed they were able to prove that the US President was implicated in this Corona Virus pandemic’s origins. With an accuracy rate of 99.8%, the creators of Bitcoin Digital claim that it may aid you in maximizing your market profits. They also claimed that they had evidence to prove that Trump was working in concert with foreign actors in order to influence the 2020 election. The hackers contacted site visitors to see proof for their allegations. In a special survey the site’s visitors were asked to cast their votes using the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero.

Monero is an cryptocurrency that is simple to transfer, but it is difficult to trace transactions made through its cryptocurrency. The hackers snuck in two addresses. The first was for users who wanted proof of their claims, while the other one read “no please do not share your information’. The survey was scheduled to run for a non-disclosed duration, and after that hackers pledged to analyze the money and carry out the wishes of the world.

There was no loss of sensitive information.

The US government has announced that no sensitive data had been stolen during the hack. The White House spokesman refuted these assertions.

“Earlier this evening on the Trump campaign’s website was hacked and we are currently cooperating with law enforcement agencies to find out the source for the defacement. The site was not exposed to personal information because the data is not stored on the website.”

He stated that it’s still unclear who was responsible for the attack. But, it’s important to remember that they asked for an alternative to cryptocurrencies as their primary method of payment. The scams involving cryptocurrency have become more popular among hackers who use reputable platforms to deceive their victims. This attack that was discovered on Donald Trump campaign website is similar to the famed Twitter hack earlier this year.