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G20 Summit: Global Leaders Gather to Discuss Cryptocurrency Regulation

• India recently assumed the Presidency of G20 and has the opportunity to demonstrate its leadership.
• The G20 Summit offers a chance for global leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of cryptocurrency.
• India is taking steps towards regulating digital assets through dedicated legislation and taxation.

G20 – A Significant Moment in Indian History

India has recently assumed the Presidency of G20, which presents an opportunity for India to showcase its leadership to the world. The G20 is an organization that works to address critical issues related to the global economy, including international financial stability, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development. The G20 Summit is a significant moment in the history of India and it is anticipated to have a far-reaching impact on how future regulations and advancements in the field of cryptocurrency will be shaped both within India and worldwide.

Global Leaders Engage in Cryptocurrency Discussion

The G20 Summit represents a crucial moment for world leaders to engage in a meaningful conversation about the regulation and growth of the cryptocurrency sector. With representatives from major economies such as the United States, China, and the European Union, the G20 is uniquely positioned to foster global cooperation on this vital issue. This is an unprecedented opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, including their impact on the global economy and financial stability. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India’s role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency sector is significant. By participating in this summit, India can contribute to developing global policies that will shape this industry’s future.

Crypto Regulation Initiatives by Indian Government

The Indian government is taking steps towards regulating digital assets through two key initiatives. Firstly, it is introducing dedicated legislation known as Cryptocurrency & Regulation Of Official Digital Currency Bill 2021 which aims at regulating digital currencies within India’s jurisdiction Secondly inclusion was made with respect tax regime following Lower House decision during 2021 budget where NFTs & Cryptocurrencies were included under tax regime which helps boost investor confidence & bring more clarity for investors wanting clarity into taxation aspect .

Sherpa Track & Finance Track

The G20 has different tracks that operate separately from each other – Sherpa Track & Finance Track . The most important track here being Finance Track which looks into evaluating risks associated with Crypto Assets & Policies related therewith falls under Financial Sector Issues Working Group . It involves discussing various policies that needs attention while dealing with VDA/Crypto Ecosystems .


By participating in this Summit , Indian Govt has taken an initiative towards regulating digital asset space by introducing dedicated laws like PMLA & Taxation Regime via Budget 2021 thus creating favorable environment for investors wanting clarity related taxation aspects & regulatory norms thereby boosting investor confidence leading towards healthy investment environment .