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Enjinstarter Delivers 142.4% YTD ROI Thanks to AI-Powered Projects

• Enjinstarter is a leading IDO launchpad, which has delivered 142.4% YTD ROI thanks to carefully curated selection of AI projects.
• 8 out of 13 IDOs conducted by Enjinstarter so far this year leverage the power of AI.
• ChainGPT and SophiaVerse are the top performing IDOs launched through Enjinstarter in 2023 with an ROI of 704% and 602% respectively.

Enjinstarter Delivers Impressive YTD Return

Enjinstarter, a leading IDO launchpad, announced today that its stable of AI-powered Web 3.0 projects has earned investors an average return on investment (ROI) of 142.4% YTD in 2023. This has put the platform firmly in the top three of IDO providers worldwide according to CryptoRank’s industry-leading rankings service.

AI Projects Fuel Success

Prakash Somosundram, co-founder and CEO of Enjinstarter attributes their success this year to their team’s ability to identify and adapt to the growing trend towards generative AI applications at the start of the year; 8 out of 13 IDOs conducted by Enjinstarter so far this year have been based on AI technology such as ChainGPT, Orbofi AI, Eldarune, Cogito Protocol, KAIF Platform, HyperGPT, DexCheck and SophiaVerse – all aiming to revolutionize different aspects of the industry.

ChainGPT & SophiaVerse Top Performers

The two top performing IDOs launched through Enjinstarter in 2023 are ChainGPT and SophiaVerse with an ROI of 704% and 602%, respectively (Data provided by CryptoRank).

Future Plans for Launchpads

Building upon its successful track record thus far , Enjinstarter plans to build two additional launchpads – one for utility-driven NFT projects (INO) and another specifically designed for Web 3.0 climate startups.


Enjinstarters impressive YTD performance demonstrates its team’s ability to accurately identify emerging trends and capitalize on them quickly – delivering maximum value for token holders through carefully curated selection of cutting edge projects from across different industries leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology .