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9.3-Year Dormant Dogecoin Wallet Awakens, Holding $116K

• A very old Dogecoin wallet containing 1,215,614 DOGE has recently been activated after 9.3 years of dormancy.
• The total value of the Dogecoin in the wallet is currently estimated to be around $116,000.
• The first transaction this Dogecoin wallet was involved in took place on December 21, 2013, just two weeks after Dogecoin’s launch.

Dogecoin Wallet Comes Alive After 9.3 Years

A cryptocurrency transaction tracker service known as Whale Alert recently reported that a dormant Dogecoin wallet had shown signs of activity today. This particular address had not been active for an impressive 9.3 years straight and was carrying 1,215,614 DOGE at the time of its reactivation – equivalent to about $116,000 at current exchange rates.

First Transaction Occurred Two Weeks After Dogecoin Launch

The first transaction that this Dogecoin wallet was involved in took place on December 21st 2013 – only two weeks after the original launch of Dogecoin itself. Interestingly enough, during the time before it became inactive, this same address had received a total of approximately $412 worth of DOGE from various deposits over time – resulting in a 28,055% return on investment since then!

Recent Transactions Made On This Address

The most recent transactions made on this address include one where 823 DOGE (roughly $79) were sent out via test transfer followed by another transfer totaling 116k DOGE ($11100). Furthermore, the fee for these transfers amounted to only a single DOGE token each!

Potential Investor Behind The Reactivation?

It remains unclear who is behind this address or what their intentions are for it now that it has been reactivated. It could simply be an investor checking up on their funds or something more deliberate such as setting up for a major purchase or sale with incoming funds from elsewhere.


Regardless of what exactly spurred this sudden reactivation after almost 10 years of dormancy – it is clear that whoever holds the keys to this wallet must have become quite wealthy in the intervening period between now and then!